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  • Barack Obama

    We've heard this script before. Some agency of the Federal Government proposes a new rule that will affect the design and performance of cars in some way, sometime in the future. Instinctively, reflexively, automatically, viscerally, the industry lashes out. Horror, catastrophe, misery, bankruptcy! It will cost BILLIONS of dollars! Consumers will pay THOUSANDS more per car! Sales will plummet! Jobs will vanish! It will DESTROY the industry !!! It happened with the earliest safety requirements, with every round of emissions and gas-mileage regulations, with new roof-crush standards, and so on...

  • Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid prototype, tested in November 2010
    California To Be Biggest U.S. Market For Plug-In Cars, Says Study

    California is already viewed as one of the most progressive states towards the adoption of mainstream electric cars. Now, a new study has confirmed what may have seemed obvious: It is likely to be the biggest market in the U.S. for a new generation of electric and plug-in hybrid cars. The study...

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