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  • China’s all-electric cargo ship will deliver coal to powerplants. China News/Peng Yonggui

    A shipyard in China has built what it says is the world's first all-electric cargo ship, capable of hauling 2,000 metric tons of lading some 50 miles on a single charge. The ship, built and operated by CSSC Offshore & Marine Engineering (Group) Company Ltd under the China State Shipbuilding Corporation Group, may not have the gross tonnage or range of a container ship—but it doesn't need it. The all-electric ship will be used only on an inland section of the Pearl River to deliver coal to power stations. READ MORE: If autonomous electric cars are coming, why not ships too? In an odd...

  • Chanje V8070 Class 5 electric delivery van, Brooklyn, NY, Nov 2017
    Driving a Chanje electric electric cargo van: very big, far better than diesel

    A Class 5 cargo van is a remarkably large vehicle, especially when navigating it through the mixed industrial and 19th-century residential streets of the Prospect Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. The Chanje V8070 electric cargo van, in fact, is the largest vehicle—electric or...

  • Electric car cargo space challenge with banana boxes
    Cargo space in popular electric cars: this video explains it all

    Ensuring electric cars fit the needs of their owners is a requirement for boosting electric-vehicle sales. Adequate cargo space for an owner is necessary no matter what kind of car is being considered. Now, in one handy video, YouTuber Bjorn Nyquist has shown just how much cargo space is provided...

  • San Francisco Bay cargo ship, by Flickr user Bernard Garon
    LA Port Cuts Emissions Half Or More Since 2005: Huge Success

    Public-health advocates have known for years that living around freight yards is hazardous to your cardiopulmonary health. In smog-susceptible Los Angeles, the Port of LA was a huge hotspot of toxic emissions. And seven years ago, the Port embarked on an ambitious program to eliminate the bulk of...

  • Nissan's City of St. Petersburg cargo ship for transporting Leaf electric cars
    Nissan Goes Toyota One Better With Cooler-Looking Cargo Ship (Video)

    Call it the battle of the clean-car cargo ships. First Toyota retrofitted its Auriga Leader car transporter ship with a diesel hybrid powertrain, allowing some energy to be recaptured in a bank of nickel-metal-hydride batteries just like those used in its Prius and other hybrid cars. That ship got...

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