• Highway sign for electric-car fast-charging station at BP in Metrolina area of Charlotte, NC

    Major oil companies are beginning to take the threat of electric cars seriously, and the latest evidence comes from British Petroleum. BP has begun discussions with electric-vehicle makers to partner on a network of charging stations. The move comes as many European countries announce plans to ban the sale of fossil-fuel powered cars in coming decades. DON'T MISS: Electric-Car Charging Station At Gas Station In Tar-Sands Land BP hopes to earn a piece of the charging market, which is forecasted to grow significantly in the coming years, according to Reuters. The report says multiple...

  • Nissan Leaf electric car using DC fast-charging station at BP in Metrolina area of Charlotte, NC
    Nissan partners with oil company for electric-car fast charging sites in Charlotte

    It's one of the questions for future electric-car charging infrastructure: what about putting them at gas stations? On the one hand, drivers are used to going to gas stations, which are often conveniently located on both local and long-distance routes. On the other hand, gas-station stops generally...

  • Oil field (Image: Flickr user johnny choura, used under CC license)
    BP: 53.3 Years Of Oil Left At Current Production Rate

    "Nobody knows or can know how much oil exists under the earth's surface or how much it will be possible to produce in the future." That's how BP starts its website page defining oil reserves, and it's why we should take statistics like "53.3 years of oil reserves" with a pinch of salt. But...

  • BMW ActiveE electric car, January 2012, New Jersey
    Will Electric Cars Become Popular? BP, Exxon Remain Skeptical

    President Obama might see a bright future for electric cars in the United States, but not everyone shares his positive outlook. Unsurprisingly, oil giants BP and Exxon are among them. In a report released last month, BP outlined data which suggests that electric cars will only account for 4 percent...

  • ECOtality charge station design by Mark Lee Johnston
    Don't Blink In Disbelief As BP Offers Electric Car Refilling

    What does British Petroleum, one of the most-hated corporate villains in the past twenty years do to become a little more loved by environmentalists? Allow a network of electric car charging stations to be installed at its filling stations. But while there are more than 11,000 BP owned gas stations...

  • Navarre Beach, Florida by SCFiasco on Flickr
    BP and Me: How The Oil Spill Changed My Mind on Electric Cars

    As a writer for a group of car sites with 3 million readers each month, I don't think I need to explain how much gasoline has changed my life. I've seen the world from street level because of it. It's fueled me. Oil has caused me agita this year, too. It's played havoc with a place I see myself...

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