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  • Longer-range Renault Zoe electric car, introduced at 2016 Paris Motor Show

    When the updated 2017 Renault Zoe was unveiled last fall at the Paris auto show, it became one of the few electric cars whose range effectively doubled over its model life. Launched in 2012 with a 22-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery, the five-door subcompact hatchback had an effective range of 60 to 90 miles. That was essentially on par with that of the Nissan Leaf, EPA-rated at 73 miles that year. DON'T MISS: Long-range Renault Zoe electric car reviewed in U.K.: Forbidden Fruit But this year's battery upgrade to 41 kwh changed everything. It gave the Zoe, Renault says, a range of 300 to 400...

  • 2013 Renault Zoe electric car
    Battery Lessor For Electric Renault Zoe Can Halt Recharging Remotely

    Digital Rights Management, or DRM, is either the scourge of the digital age or a necessary evil to ensure people who create content get paid for it--depending on who you believe. It's essentially a collection of technologies that determines how you can use digital content or technology after you've...

  • 2013 Smart Electric Drive Coupe, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Aug 2013
    2013 Smart Electric Drive Coupe Lease Price Lowered To $139

    The prices just keep falling on plug-in electric cars. The latest to announce a new, lower lease price is Smart, which cut the monthly cost of a three-year lease on its 2013 ForTwo Electric Drive Coupe from $199 to just $139. That's not the lowest single electric-car lease we're aware of in the...

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