Azure Dynamics

  • 2012 Ford Transit Connect 'glider' intended for electric conversion, as offered on eBay Motors

    Remember the now-defunct Ford Transit Connect Electric? It was the all-electric conversion of the Transit Connect delivery van that actually sank Azure Dynamics, which declared bankruptcy in March 2012 after sales fell short of projections. If you've always wanted one, now's your chance. But there's a catch. You'll have to build it yourself. Fox Valley Auto Mall, in Aurora, Illinois, is offering two Transit Connect "gliders": brand-new and complete rolling Transit Connect vans without their powertrains. They were each destined to be converted by Azure Dynamics, but now one or both can be...

  • 1997 Solectria Force electric car for sale on eBay
    eBay Watch: 1997 Solectria Force, Geo-Based Electric Car

    Electric car conversions aren't for everyone, but for electric car fans who can't stretch to one of the latest models, they're a much cheaper option to get behind the wheel of an EV. One such clean and cheap option, the 1997 Solectria Force, is currently sitting on eBay, with a few days remaining...

  • 2011 Ford Transit Connect Electric
    Azure Dynamics Bankrupt, Built Ford Transit Connect Electric

    Well, that's not particularly good news: Azure Dynamics, the company that converted a handful of Ford Transit Connect small commercial vans to electric power, filed for bankruptcy on Monday. It laid off about 120 employees at a variety of locations in MIchigan, Massachusetts, Canada, and the United...

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