• Rescuing a feral kitten from the motor compartment of a Tesla Model S electric car  [John Griswell]

    Tesla Motors and its Model S electric cars get a lot of attention, especially on the Internet. And kittens? Well, cute-cat pictures are a staple of modern connectivity. Rescuing kittens? Even better! Now, to our delight and amazement, we've got a story that ties both of them together. DON'T MISS: Tesla Not Disruptive, Future Is Tiny Electric 'Golf Carts': Harvard Scholar Model S owner John Griswell, of Austin, Texas, tells the story. Over the weekend, he had a feral kitten take up residence in the motor compartment of his Tesla Model S. "I think it climbed in sometime on Friday while I was...

  • 2010 Toyota Prius ad comparing its emissions to those of a sheep (cropped)
    Toyota Prius Ad We'll Never See: Animals Worse Than Hybrids

    Some of the first emissions regulations in the world came about because of the way the Los Angeles Basin is shaped. Reports of smog in southern California started with the Conquistadors, and by the Sixties, LA was notorious for its foul air. California began regulating auto emissions before the...

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