Acura NSX Hybrid

  • Acura NSX II concept - 2013 Detroit Auto Show

    The Honda NSX sports car is ingrained into Japanese car culture, but the latest model will be every bit as American as it is Japanese. Sold under the Acura brand in the U.S, Honda has now announced the new hybrid supercar will be produced at the company's Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio. Virtually from the start, the new NSX has been an American project. Honda R&D Americas chief engineer Ted Klaus leads the global team developing the new car, and associate chief engineer at Honda of America, Clement D' Souza, leads the team bringing the car to market in 2015. Much of the design...

  • Acura NSX Concept, 2012 Detroit Auto Show
    Acura NSX Concept Hybrid Supercar To Be Built In U.S.

    Yesterday, we told you about Acura’s NSX Hybrid Concept Car, unveiled at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. Then a few hours later, we treated you to our own photo gallery of the NSX unveiling live from the show floor, along with the news that it would reach production in 2015. Yesterday, we...

  • 2012 Acura NSX Concept
    Acura NSX Hybrid Concept: 2012 Detroit Auto Show

    Ever since Acura ditched the much-loved NSX back in 2005, Honda hasn’t had an “everyday supercar” to call its own. Now the Japanese automaker has decided to let the venerable NSX be reborn: as a leaner, faster, greener version of its former self: the Acura NSX Hybrid Concept. On...

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