2012 Audi A2 Electric Concept

  • BMW i Launch Event, Frankfurt, July 2011

    There are many unusual things about the BMW i3 Concept electric minicar revealed last month, including its glass doors and roof, not to mention BMW's first production battery-electric powertrain. But the BMW i3 is also at the leading edge of another efficiency trend: tall, narrow tires that reduce the vehicle's wind resistance compared to the usual short, wide tires fitted to cars today. Fitting low-rolling-resistance tires to a line's most efficient models is now de rigeur. Over the years, these harder, lower-friction tires have gone through several generations, so that's today's versions...

  • 2014 BMW i3 concept live photos, 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show
    German Electric Car Battle: Audi A2 v BMW i3 v Benz B-Class E-Cell v VW Golf Blue eMotion

    With the dust settling on press days at the Frankfurt Auto Show, we can take a breath, think about what we saw, and start to sort out our impressions. One very clear message: German carmakers are taking electric cars seriously. Finally. Both Audi and BMW unveiled electric-car concepts that are...

  • Audi A2 Concept, Frankfurt Motor Show, September 2011
    2011 Frankfurt Auto Show: Audi A2 Electric Concept First Pics

    Audi has just unveiled its all-electric A2 Concept vehicle at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. Placed somewhere between its two-seat electric Urban Concept which we saw yesterday and its A3 hatchback, the four-seat concept is a direct competitor to BMW’s much-anticipated 2014 i3 electric car...

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