2010 Volkswagen Milano Taxi

  • 2010 Volkswagen Taxi Concept

    Whilst the 2013 Volkswagen Golf Blue eMotion might be responsible for many of the company's EV headlines, their smaller Up concept is possibly even more intriguing. The Wolfsburg maker has just revealed the third in a trio of electric taxi concepts. Following Berlin and Milano versions, the latest concept is resplendent in the familiar black colour scheme of London taxi cabs. According to U.K. magazine Autocar, Volkswagen is "deeply considering" putting its electric taxi concepts into production by 2013 in a pre-emptive move to prepare for likely future legislation forcing drivers in...

  • 2010 Volkswagen Milano Taxi Concept
    Volkswagen Shows Concept For All-Electric Milano Taxi

    It must be something taxi-ish in the air. Last week, London got its first all-electric black cab to test (with rear wheels that steer, to boot), and now today Volkswagen has unveiled its own concept for an electrically powered taxi. The Volkswagen Milano Taxi concept is a compact minivan with many...

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