• All ALMS' GTC-category cars use E85 Photo: Anne Proffit

    The American Le Mans Series is taking steps to promote renewable fuels and alternative fuel sources. Series president Scott Atherton is out to prove that racing can produce environmental benefits.

  • Electric Bluebird Land Speed Record Car
    U.K. Team to Attempt Electric Car Land Speed Record in 2013

    Pendine Sands, a 7-mile long beach on the south coast of Wales went down in history in 1924 when a journalist and motor racer by the name of Malcolm Campbell broke the world land speed record at a heady 146.16 mph in the Sunbeam 350HP car he called Blue Bird. Since then the U.K. equivalent to the...

  • Speed Limit 55
    Should The U.S. Lower Speed Limits In Order To Curtail Fuel Consumption?

    The recent spike in oil prices has got the whole world focused on fuel consumption, so much so in some parts that countries are lowering their national speed limits in an effort to reduce their national fuel consumption levels. One such country is Spain, which reduced its speed limit for cars from...

  • Bluebird Electric land speed record car, 1998
    175mph (And More) In An Electric Car. Range? Don't Ask...

    What'll she do, mister? With electric cars, the response would more often than not usually be relating to the range. With Don Wales' Electric Bluebird, the answer might instead be 150 miles per hour. Maybe even 175 miles per hour. If the name Bluebird is familiar to you, then you'll probably...

  • 2005 MINI Cooper Hardtop
    MINI Gets Investigated Over Steering Issues In 2004-2005 Coopers

    Maybe it is just me, but it seems that the internet has really changed the way we report motor vehicle defects and safety issues. I think the most obvious case of this is with Toyota and their floor mats that turned into “unintended acceleration” investigations by the National Highway...

  • Littlearth Classic Fender Handbag, using recycled Florida license plates, $140
    Recycling Your Entire Car: From Hooptie To Handbag

    And now for something completely different. But first, a definition from Wikipedia, in case "hooptie" wasn't in your vocabulary as yet: Hooptie ... an old, decrepit, unreliable and often nonfunctional car which has limited mechanical abilities and is often in an unmaintained and usually in a rusty...

  • Porsche Li-Ion Starter Battery

    Porsche has decided that a battery upgrade is in order for some of its high performance vehicles and this upgrade consists of lithium-ion. The company will begin offering an optional lithium-ion replacement starter battery in a measure to reduce weight over the standard lead acid battery.  The benefits are limited strictly to weight savings, but the trade-offs are immediately apparent. The optional lithium-ion battery saves about 22 pounds of weight over the traditional lead acid setup.  This optional piece of equipment comes in at 1,904 euros which translates to roughly $2,850.  This...

  • The Mission One
    Mission Motorcycles Sets Electric Land Speed Record

    Fastest electric production bike

  • 2009 Audi R8 V-10
    Rumormill: Electric R8 Coming to Frankfurt?

    Any worthwhile discussion of today's best supercars mentions the Audi R8. It's a car that looks like it was sent to Earth from an alternate, more advanced (but clearly benevolent) dimension. The interior is as luxurious as they come. Not to mention the performance, which rivals that of Ferraris...

  • Brusa Spyder
    Brusa Sypder: Competition for the Tesla?

    Let's say you're interested in the Tesla Roadster but prefer something different, perhaps something European. Until now, there haven't been many options, except perhaps the super-sleek Fisker, which is still a stretch in terms of direct competition. But now there's something new, something...

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