With test rider Jeremy Cleland in the saddle, the Mission One electric motorcycle achieved an American Motorcyclist Association certified two run average of 150.059 mph on the Bonneville Salt flats, with a maximum recorded speed of 161 mph.

This makes it the fastest production electric motorcycle available, and the AMA land speed record holder for a sub 300KG, partially streamlined motorcycle (electric)*.   An impressive moral victory for the machine that finished a disappointing fourth at the recent all-electric Isle of Mann TTXPG after a faulty controller fried the bikes electronics in practice, requiring a hasty 16 hour rebuild.

*The  land-speed world record (SCTA-BNI certified) currently belongs to the Kent Riches/Southern Utah State machine High Voltage, with a verified 176 mph.  Of course, that machine is a purpose-built land-speed racer and not suitable for street use, while the Mission One is a street legal sport-bike which will be available for purchase in 2010. Mission Motors hopes to sell 300 motorcycles in 2010 and subsequently ramp up production to much higher numbers.

[SOURCE:Register Hardware}