On Thursday, Ford once again hiked prices on its base F-150 Lightning Pro. 

The latest adjustment, adding onto markups made in December, adds $4,000 to the base version of the fully electric F-150—meaning it now adds up to $61,869 including the mandatory $1,895 destination charge. 

This is the fourth major price increase for the fully electric F-150, less than a year since deliveries commenced. Then it cost $41,669, so the current truck represents a markup of nearly 50%, without any significant added feature content since then—although its driving range has been boosted.

The latest round of rising prices adds $1,500 to the price of an F-150 Lightning Lariat Standard Range, and $1,200 to the F-150 Lightning Platinum, now standing at $77,869 and $99,969 respectively.

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford attributes “current material costs, market factors, and supply chain constraints” for the latest markup. 

The base F-150 Pro isn’t a version that the public can currently buy anyway. According to Ford it remains sold out to retail customers as it handles a backlog of orders. The automaker says that it plans to open up retail ordering once again in late spring, as production pushes toward the company’s targeted 150,000 units per year. 

Ford CEO Jim Farley anticipates an EV price war and industry consolidation over the pinch of EV profit margins—and it recently lowered prices on the Mustang Mach-E. Ford hasn’t provided any update in some time about how long the backlog for the Lightning remains, but if these price hikes are any indication, it’s one particularly sought-after product.