Polestar on Tuesday announced an investment in Israel-based battery firm StoreDot, which claims it will achieve extremely quick battery charging in tests.

StoreDot aims to mass-produce EV batteries capable of adding 160 kilometers—or just under 100 miles—of range through just five minutes of charging by 2024. By 2028, StoreDot is aiming for 100 miles of range to be restored by three minutes of charging, and aims to recover that same amount of range with two minutes of charging by 2032.

Five-minute charging is something StoreDot first claimed in 2017. The company delivered the first test examples of its so-called "five-minute charge" lithium-ion cells last year.

StoreDot sample batteries

StoreDot sample batteries

Polestar didn't disclose the amount it's investing in StoreDot, but the automaker is in good company. Other investors include Daimler, BP, VinFast, Samsung, and Polestar parent brand Volvo.

StoreDot's battery tech will be tested in "proof-of-concept cars," according to the release. Only if the testing is successful will Polestar consider using the tech in production cars, and only by 2026 at the earliest. Polestar could also potentially tap into StoreDot's expertise for silicon-based battery solutions. Silicon anodes offer potential gains in battery capacity.

Daimler just announced that it plans to use silicon-anode tech from Sila in its upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQG electric SUV. An all-electric version of the Mercedes G-Class off-roader, the EQG is scheduled to launch in 2024, but the version using Sila's silicon-anode tech will be an extended-range model that could arrive later. Cells will be manufactured in Washington State using 100% renewable energy, Mercedes and Sila have claimed.