Electrify America, the charging network created as part of the Volkswagen diesel-emissions settlement, has reached another milestone.

The company announced on Tuesday that it had passed 500 charging sites since the opening of its first site in May 2018. The network now includes more than 2,200 individual DC fast-charging stations, according to Electrify America—many with multiple connectors.

Each site has between three and 10 DC fast-charging stations, with power levels up to 350 kilowatts. The sites are mostly located along major highways and in metropolitan areas, and are situated near stores, restaurants, and other amenities so drivers can make the most of time spent charging.

Just this June, Electrify America finished its first cross-country route, and had 435 charging stations open to the public. It's an indication of how rapidly the network is making progress.

Electrify America DC fast chargers

Electrify America DC fast chargers

That rapid expansion has made Electrify America the next closest thing to Tesla Supercharging, with a number of automakers depending on the buildout for upcoming EVs.

In addition to Volkswagen Group brands, which directly benefit from the $2 billion invest the automaker is required to make in Electrify America as part of the diesel settlement, Ford, Lucid Motors, and Fisker Inc. have chosen Electrify America as their preferred charging network.

Electrify America rebooted pricing in September, to favor charging by the kilowatt-hours where allowed—although it's more expensive in most cases.

It also began testing off-grid solar-powered Level 2 AC charging stations in California earlier this year, and is also adding DC fast-charging stations with solar canopies that feed onsite energy-storage battery packs to supplement grid electricity. The company plans to have 125 of these installations operational in 2021, including 75 in California.