Nissan is expanding its partnership with charging network EVgo to install 200 more DC fast-chargers across the U.S.

The new chargers will each dispense up to 100 kw, which can deliver up to 150 miles of range in less than half an hour, and will have both a CHAdeMO plug to charge the Leaf and a CCS Combo plug to charge most other (non-Tesla) EVs as well. Teslas can also use the chargers with a CHAdeMO adapter.

Even with the new chargers, the challenge for Leaf drivers may be making longer trips between cities using the chargers. EVgo's chargers are mostly in and around cities that already have the largest population of EV drivers and not along less frequently used corridors to allow travel between cities.

"Nissan and EVgo will continue to work together to deploy fast charging infrastructure in major and rapidly growing EV markets," Nissan spokesman Jeff Wandell said in a statement emailed to Green Car Reports. "We aim to expand Nissan and EVgo’s already strong footprint in major metropolitan areas as well as ZEV states and select other markets," referring to California and nine other states, mainly in the Northeast, that follow the Golden State's zero-emissions vehicle requirements.

The partnership between Nissan and EVgo started in 2013 with the several networks in Nissan's "No Charge to Charge" program, and has been expanded over the years. The companies have jointly installed 2,000 fast chargers around the country since 2013, and Nissan has invested more than $60 million in the project, Wandell said.

EVgo says it currently has more than 1,200 fast-chargers in the U.S. Tesla has about 13,000.

Nissan that the new chargers are expected to take several years to complete.