For those of us who remember what General Motors’ Hummer brand symbolized—especially around 2006, when sales peaked—it’s a little hard to fathom the idea that it might have any future as a way for GM to green its reputation.

Although GM hasn’t officially confirmed any such thing yet, a top executive earlier this month said, when mentioning Hummer, that it’s “looking at everything.”

Given GM’s drive toward all-electric vehicles, it’s hard to see the company bring Hummer back as anything less than an electric vehicle brand. But we wondered about the baggage behind the brand, and if our readers might support that idea.

Call it a shot at redemption; call it ironic; call it just plain bizarre. More of you voted for that—to bring back the Hummer name in an all-electric lineup. Under this scenario, GM would likely take some of what the brand, with global recognition, originally symbolized—the patriotic, rugged side—and match it to independence from the foreign oil and fossil fuels that many of the original models guzzled at obscenely high rates. 

You weren’t all in agreement, though. About a third of our respondents voted to bury the name, hoping that GM comes up with new names as it electrifies a big portion of its truck lineup—or, perhaps, rolls out an electric-exclusive brand or sub-brand [Volt, nudge nudge].



In third place, with a still-significant 28 percent of the total vote, was the choice to reluctantly say yes to bringing Hummer back as an all-electric truck brand. If GM could then sell more electric trucks bearing the badge that’s associated with ruggedness, boxy styling, and maybe military origins, why not aim for a Hummer revival?

Add our first response and our third response together, and we can safely say that a majority of you think that if GM could sell more electric trucks under the Hummer name that it should bring the brand back. How’s that for pragmatism?