The Chevrolet Volt has one of the all-time great names for a plug-in careven better than its former European sibling the Opel Ampera, based on sales at least.The company even used the name on an experimental plug-in hybrid wagon in 1980.

It would be a shame to see such a great electric-car name go to wasteperhaps almost as much as the Volt's Voltec plug-in hybrid technology.

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Back in December, after General Motors announced that it would discontinue the Volt, we asked our readers in a Twitter poll if what they thought would happen with the Volt's technology after the car was discontinued. (Most thought the company would reuse it for a plug-in hybrid SUV.)

Now that the car is officially out of production and GM no longer needs the name, we thought it is time to ask what GM might do with the name.

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Since our last poll, GM President Mark Reuss has suggested that the company won't build any more hybrids. The company also announced in January that it will make Cadillac the lead brand for its future electric vehicle efforts. In the meantime, a new investment in the Orion, Michigan factory that builds the Chevy Bolt EV is expected to bring the Bolt a new Chevrolet electric sibling, which could be an SUV.

After that, GM's next electric car is expected to be a Cadillac SUV in 2021.

Our Twitter poll this week asks, "Now that Chevy no longer makes the Volt, how should it use the name?"

The most likely options are: Chevrolet could call its rumored upcoming electric SUV the Volt, or perhaps the Volt II. That wouldn't, however, solve the problem of confusion between the Volt-with-a-"V" and the Bolt-with-a-"B" (or Bolt EV, as Chevrolet uses to save confusion. If both cars were EVs, that obviously wouldn't help.)

GM could also give the name to its promised upcoming Cadillac SUV: The "Cadillac Volt," anyone?

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Perhaps GM could follow in the footsteps of Tesla or Volkswagen and start its own EV charging network and call it Volt. The name would certainly fit.

Or, to avoid confusion, the company could simply drop the name altogether.

Click on over to our poll and let usand maybe even GMknow what you think is best.

They may not take our word for it. After all, our polls are unscientific, because our respondents are self-selected, and generally too few to constitute a scientific poll.