Ford has been teasingeven promisinga new Mustang inspired high-performance electric SUV, perhaps called Mach E or Mach 1, that it says will have a 300-mile range.

Now the company has announced that the model has earned a 370-mile range rating in the generous European WLTP driving cycle. 

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That doesn't mean that it will earn anything close to that rating on U.S. driving cycles.

The WLTP is known for generating higher ratings than EPA tests that have been adjusted to account for higher modern highway speeds and more use of air conditioning. 

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The Nissan Leaf, for example, gets a 15 percent longer range rating in Europe on the WLTP diving than it does in the U.S.

Using that as a guideline, the potential "Mach E" might have a range of around 328 miles in the U.S.—a strong showing versus the Tesla Model Y—but that's far from official, and U.S. ratings from as many as five different tests mathematically combined can yield a wide range of results.

Still, anything close to 328 miles would be a very competitive range for an electric SUV. And anything over 300 miles would hold to Ford's promise.