A week after reports surfaced that a 2014 fire in a Tesla Model S was caused by a bullet fired from inside the car, in the battery of another brand new Tesla Model S caught fire in California.

The owner told local news crews that he was driving on Highway 17, which runs from San Jose to Santa Cruz, California when the low tire pressure warning suddenly went off. He pulled off the highway and waited for a tow.

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After the car was towed to a tire repair shop in Los Gatos, the owner began hearing hissing sounds from the car and went to investigate. When he got to the car, he found flames lapping underneath. 

Fire crews came and put out the fire and waited six hours before towing the car to another repair shop in Campbell, California, where it caught on fire again.

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The owner took delivery of the car three months ago and said the car had only 1,200 miles on it.

Coming so quickly after a low tire-pressure warning, the incident sounds similar to some cases in 2013 after the Model S first went on sale where battery fires were caused by cars running over debris in the road.

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Tesla issued two recalls after those events to slow the spread of fire in the battery pack and give drivers more warning to exit the car, and to add physical safeguards below the front of the battery pack to prevent road debris from puncturing the pack at a vulnerable point.

It's not clear whether the latest case had a similar cause.

Another Model S belonging to stage director Michael Morris caught fire suddenly while driving in Santa Monica in June. Tesla says it is investigating both of the latest incidents.