A production vehicle based on the Volkswagen ID Crozz all-electric compact crossover will be launched in the U.S. market during 2020, VW said.

The announcement came at a media event Tuesday night before the first of two media days at the Los Angeles auto show, where the electric SUV makes its North American debut.

First unveiled at the Shanghai auto show in April, the ID Crozz all-electric crossover utility vehicle will be the first of several new battery-electric models to come from Volkswagen in the U.S.

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Another of those will be the well-received Volkswagen ID Buzz electric Microbus, though that vehicle won't go into production until 2022.

VW announced in August that the ID Buzz would be produced as a joint project between its passenger-car group and its commercial-vehicle arm.

The ID Crozz compact crossover will likely hit the market as a 2021 model, and it will enter a popular and growing segment that's slowly supplanting passenger sedans and hatchbacks in the U.S.


Volkswagen ID Crozz concept

Volkswagen ID Crozz concept

Volkswagen will display the ID Crozz utility vehicle, the ID Buzz electric microbus, and the ID compact hatchback together at the LA show.

They are the first of 15 separate battery-electric models VW Group intends to build and sell globally by 2025.

All three are based on VW Group's MEB architecture, a platform and component set for rear- or all-wheel-drive battery-electric vehicles.

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The ID Crozz concept is powered by a 150-kilowatt (200-horsepower) electric motor between the rear wheels, plus a 75-kw (100-hp) motor between the front wheels that provides all-wheel drive when needed.

The company cited a front/rear weight split of 48/52 percent, and a low center of gravity due to the position of the 83-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack under the cabin floor.

VW quotes its potential range rating as up to 300 miles.


Volkswagen ID Crozz concept

Volkswagen ID Crozz concept

The company cited a fast-charging time of just 30 minutes to 80 percent of battery capacity, using 150-kilowatt CCS fast charging.

That system is now under development by VW Group sibling Audi, which will debut it on the 2019 Audi e-tron electric SUV it will launch next year.

The ID Crozz concept is roughly the same size as a 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan compact crossover, but with a less boxy, sleeker "four-door coupe" body style and a steeply raked tailgate giving access to the load bay.

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The concept lacks a "B-pillar," the support post between the front and rear doors. Like most auto-show concepts, it includes other flashy features like voice-activated doors and a retractable steering wheel for planned future self-driving.

Those features may well not make it into production; Volkswagen said its ID Pilot self-driving capabilities won't be deployed until 2025.

The scanners included on the concept that would make that possible include four Lidars that pop up from the roof, forward- and side-facing cameras, and both radar and ultrasonic sensors.

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