Established 10 years ago to attract young, hip buyers, Toyota's Scion brand hasn't been attracting much of anyone lately. Its sales have remained low even as the new-car market has surged.

It's not just buyers that are ignoring Scion. Toyota has let the brand's volume models--the xB and xD hatchbacks--age into irrelevance, with its newest cars being ultra-niche models like the FR-S coupe and iQ minicar.

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However, things may change, starting at next month's 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, where the Scion iM concept is scheduled to make its world debut.

The concept almost surely previews a long-overdue new production model.

Scion iM concept teaser image

Scion iM concept teaser image

So far, all Scion has released is a pair of teaser images, which hint at sporty styling similar to that of the current Scion tC coupe and various Toyota and Lexus models.

Thin-spoke alloy wheels and cross-drilled brake rotors also hint at performance intentions, although this likely may be just to please Scion's target demographic.

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Underneath any show-car glitz, the iM concept could preview one of two new models--a compact hatchback and Scion's first-ever sedan--that are reportedly in the works.

The hatchback would likely be based on the Toyota Auris sold in Europe and Asia, itself essentially a five-door hatchback version of the Toyota Corolla sedan.

2013 Scion xB

2013 Scion xB

Adding an Auris-based vehicle to Scion's lineup would fill the gap left by the Toyota Matrix, which was killed off after the 2013 model year.

Another possibility is a subcompact sedan based on the next-generation Mazda 2, which will also provide the basis for the next Toyota Yaris.

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Previewed by the Mazda Hazumi concept car at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, the new Mazda 2 will go into production in Mexico next year, presumably as a 2016 model.

Compact hatchback or subcompact sedan, we'll find out the Scion iM concept's true identity November 19, when its Los Angeles Auto Show press reveal is scheduled.


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