Ford is recalling a few hundred 2014 model-year Focus and C-Max Hybrid models to fix a steering-gear issue, although none of the cars had been sold to customers yet.

The recall affects just 616 vehicles, 32 of which were delivered to dealers but not sold. Those dealers will perform repairs on the cars they have, while the rest will have any problems corrected before delivery.

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In the affected cars, the steering gear may not have been assembled with the correct number of ball bearings, which can deform or wear out the remaining bearings, The Detroit News reports.

If uncorrected, this problem can compromise the steering's effectiveness and potentially lead to loss of control.

Of the 616 affected cars manufactured between August 8 and August 15, 2014, 502 are for the U.S. market, six are going to U.S. Federalized territories, and 108 are intended for Canada.

This is the third recall this year for the C-Max Hybrid.

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Both 2013 and 2014 C-Max Hybrid tall wagons were recalled back in May over an airbag software issue.

A  previous recall for the hybrid--along with the Fusion and Lincoln MKZ sedans--addressed potentially substandard weld joints used to attach the seat-back recliners to their frames.

Since none of the cars in the current recall have been sold yet, customers will not be affected. Ford and its dealers will correct the problem before the cars are sold.


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