One of the minor hassles of owning an electric car is the need to have multiple accounts, passes, and fobs to access multiple different public charging networks.

Now Nissan is working to make public charging simpler, introducing a program called EZ Charge that lets Nissan Leaf electric-car drivers access multiple charging networks with a single access card.

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Electric-car charging network cards, photo by Patrick Connor, Portland

Electric-car charging network cards, photo by Patrick Connor, Portland

Announced today at the New York Auto Show, the Nissan EZ Charge card will give access to charging stations on four networks: Aerovironment, the Blink network (now operated by Car Charging), ChargePoint, and NRG eVgo.

The card will launch on July 1 in 10 markets where Nissan Leafs sell well. Those include San Francisco; Seattle; Portland; San Diego; Nashville; Phoenix; Dallas-Fort Worth; Houston; and Washington, D.C.

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At least 15 additional markets will be added within a year, extending the program to markets that make up more than four-fifths of all electric-car sales for Nissan.

Nissan will also extend its "No Charge To Charge" promotion, under which new Nissan Leaf buyers get two years of free public charging, throughout the entire EZ Charge network.

Buyers who purchase a Nissan Leaf between April 1 and July 1 this year will be retroactively offered both the free-charging promotion and the EZ Charge network card.

NRG eVgo will manage the EZ Charge network together with the other partners.

“EZ Charge is a natural progression [Nissan's] commitment to developing electric-car charging at workplace campuses, Nissan dealerships, and the communities where Leaf drivers live and work," said Brendan Jones, director of EV infrastructure and strategy for Nissan.


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