A V-8 conversion isn't your typical eco-modification, but for Fisker Karma customers it's one way of ensuring a longer-term survival for their vehicle since the company's troubles started well over a year ago.

The conversions are offered by VL Automotive, backed by Bob Lutz and using one of two Corvette-sourced V-8 engines depending on the buyer's preference.

According to Automotive News (via Motor Authority), the company's plans for the V-8 Destino are still on track, despite Fisker's ongoing troubles. The startup electric automaker hasn't produced a car in 15 months, but hasn't yet declared bankruptcy either, instead putting its efforts into searching for a buyer.

Speaking with Automotive News, Bob Lutz revealed that the company has 25 Karmas on hand and has acquired codes for the car's infotainment system. VL will also have access to Karma body panels and its chassis from the same supplier Fisker used, allowing it to build Destino models completely from scratch.

The current range-extended electric drivetrain will be removed from each car, replaced with either a 450-horsepower LT1 V-8 as found in the brand new Corvette Stingray, or a 580-horsepower supercharged LSA from the Camaro ZL1. Confirming that Destino's cars will major on luxury, each engine will be paired with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Existing Karma owners will also be able to enjoy the new package, though they'll pay a pretty penny for the privilege--conversions will be around the $100 mark. That's a lot for what some may see as a retrograde step, but the massive support for GM's V-8 engines may be enough to convince some to sign on the line.

VL will appear at the Detroit Auto Show in January with both the Destino sedan and one other body style. It isn't clear what this might be, but both the Fisker Sunset convertible style and the Surf shooting brake are possibilities.


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