Last month, Ecotality became the latest green company to fall foul of the tricky emerging market when it filed for bankruptcy.

It leaves customers of its Blink network of charging stations--and indeed, owners of businesses who had them installed--unsure as to what their next step should be.

For the latter, it may be worth looking towards rival network Chargepoint, which is now offering a trade-in for owners of Blink EV stations.

Via the website, Chargepoint offers Blink customers an upgrade to a dual-port CT4000 series charging station or a single-port station--with trade-in credits of $2,200 and $1,200 respectively.

The stations feature J-1772 connectors and supply 240 Volts of power at up to 30 amps. What's more, the dual-port chargers allow two parking spaces to be served by each charger, reducing installation costs for businesses.

And any Blink customer is eligible to upgrade from a single-point Blink station to a dual-port Chargepoint unit (where wiring and electrical service permits).

Last year, a Plug-In America study rated Chargepoint's network as significantly more reliable than that of Ecotality.

Chargepoint now has the world's largest network of independently owned and operated electric car charging stations, it says, and more than 45,000 customers today.

Blink station owners have until December 15 to take up Chargepoint's offer. They should be aware that owners of electric-car charging stations can take a 30-percent tax credit up to $30,000 per location, but only through the end of this year.

If you're a business owner who wants to ensure continued support for charging stations on your property, you've now been offered a life-line.


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