Located in the Irish sea between Great Britain and Ireland, the Isle of Man plays host to one of the racing world's most famous circuits--the Isle of Man TT course.

Every year thousands of motorcyclists from across the world pile onto the island to watch events like the Tourist Trophy and Manx Grand Prix, and over the last few years electric motorcycles have also made headlines.

Recently though, a rather different electric motorcycle has completed the course--one made entirely of Meccano, a UK brand of Erector Set construction toys.

The motorcycle and sidecar has been constructed for a new episode of Top Gear presenter James May's 'Toy Stories'--a series that involves creating enormous tasks for toys from our childhoods. Previous challenges have included flying a toy glider over a 22-mile channel in the British Isles, making a full-size house from Legos, and creating a life-size Airfix plastic kit replica of a Spitfire aircraft, among others.

According to the BBC, May and fellow TV presenter Oz Clarke completed a full 37-mile lap of the TT course, though not entirely without a hitch--the pair had to stop to correct mechanical issues at several points. Top speed, according to an accompanying car, was 25 mph--a little short of the 109 mph average set by racer Michael Rutter on a MotoCzysz E1PC electric motorcycle at this year's TT races!

"It is lovely to be here on the Isle of Man and everyone has been extremely helpful, encouraging, hospitable and kind" said May to the BBC. "We will be back."

The new episode of Toy Stories will air on the BBC this Christmas--and no doubt appear online soon afterwards.


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