Got some money to burn and in need of a hobby? Perhaps some sort of adventure sport, but nothing too crazy--off-road bikes, perhaps?

Not just any off-road bike though. It has to be electric, for a start. What about one of Outrider's electric recumbent bikes?

Yes indeed--there is now such a thing as an electric recubment bike for adventure sports. And you'll certainly require that money to burn, with prices starting at $7,995 and working their way up from there.

So what do you get for your hard-earned? Actually quite a lot--even on the "basic" model priced above.

That one is known as the 311 Solo, has three riding modes. You can do all the work yourself, take some assistance from the battery pack, or let the batteries and electric motor do all the work.

In that hybrid pedal-electric mode, you'll get up to 83 miles of range from the 1.1 kWh lithium-polymer battery pack. If you're feeling lazy, that drops to a still-respectable 56 miles, while top speed is 30 mph.

The whole thing weighs in at a sprightly 86 pounds and Outrider says it'll take 90 minutes to charge from absolute zero capacity to completely full, on a standard 110V outlet.

Outrider Alpha recumbent electric adventure bike (Image: Outrider)

Outrider Alpha recumbent electric adventure bike (Image: Outrider)

Why stop there though? Spend ten grand and you'll get the 40 mph 411 Hyperlite and $11,995 nets you the 40 mph, up-to-165-mile 422 Alpha. That's more range than most full electric cars, though you do have to put a bit of work into it. And you'll get wet when it rains.

Still, adventure types don't mind a bit of rain and mud, and Outrider says the recumbent layout of its bikes means you can cover large distances with greater efficiency and in greater comfort than on a typical electric bicycle.

That includes winning an electric bike race up the famous Pike's Peak in Colorado, with an average speed of over 30 mph.

Quick enough to win, slow enough to check out the stunning scenery. This electric recbument bike thing is looking quite appealing...


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