A complaint we hear a lot about electric vehicles is that they're simply not beautiful enough.

We can't think of a good reason that few seem capable of making electric transport look good, though in fairness the same can be said for many internal combustion vehicles too.

Lack of beauty is not a complaint you could level at the Cykno electric bicycle, however.

In fact, it's got the sort of styling you could happily stare at for hours, before realizing that it's actually a functional object.

Many electric bicycles--Smart's eBike being a good example--explore a modern take on the two-wheeled theme. Matte finishes, clean white paintwork and edgy, futuristic styling are very much the order of the day.

The Cykno couldn't be more different.

While its construction couldn't be more modern--a carbon fiber frame hides the pedal-electric drivetrain components--its finish is like something from another era.

Components that aren't stainless steel are likely leather, and those which aren't leather are gloriously retro white-walled tires. The wheels are works of art and the frame has a real custom motorcycle feel to it with a floating saddle, raked handlebars and a headlight pod above the front fender.

Thanks to all the carbon it's relatively light at 57 pounds--identical to the Smart eBike--and its lithium polymer battery affords riders a range of 37 miles.

There's no price for the Cykno yet and the website's configurator isn't up and running either, but we suspect design and technology like this doesn't come cheap.

For truly green buyers there's also the moral dilemma of buying such a beautiful, practical bicycle covered top to tail in leather...


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