Solar power and electric cars go hand-in-hand, and many owners equip their homes with solar panels to ensure the electricity they're charging with is as green as possible.

That isn't always the case when charging away from home, but it would be if your local parking spot had a 'V-Tent' system.

The work of Hakan Gursu of Turkish design studio Nobis (via DesignBoom), the V-Tent is a way of charging and protecting your electric car at the same time.

It may look odd, but there would be plenty of benefits.

First and foremost, solar charging keeps that electric car of yours green. But parked in a hot space all day, your interior would be closer to red hot than it would be green--so the V-Tent features small ventilation tubes beneath the solar panels.

As well as your car being in the shade beneath the tent, these insulate it from the hotter surface above. A reflective layer below these further protects your car.

It would be protected from theft, too--enclosed within the framework holding the panels over your car. And the design images show it would require little more space than your average parking spot.

Drivers would access the system via smartphone, and payment could be made on a small stand integrated into the machine. A slick lighting system shows whether a tent is available, charging, or charged.

It's only at the design stage, but the concept is a long way from being unrealistic--in fact, it seems quite feasible, particularly in remote areas where parking space isn't at a premium.

At the right price, would you even consider a similar system on your driveway? Leave your thoughts on the V-Tent below.


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