We're always interested to hear what sort of cars our readers drive.

We're even more interested to hear what gas mileage you're all getting from those cars.

Testing a car for a weekend, or a week, is all well and good, but a wide cross-section of owners will always get wildly varying results, depending on driving style, environmental conditions, or topography.

They're all factors that make cars like the Ford Fusion and C-Max Hybrids incredibly efficient on paper, but less so in the real-world.

In contrast, some cars can be thrashed mercilessly and rarely dip into unacceptable figures. One reader in particular, Juan Arango, brought this to our attention, when he commented on 'Honda Insight: The Forgotten Hybrid?'

"I bought my 2010 Insight exactly 3 years ago," he said, "and I have put a little over 45K miles on it. Average fuel efficiency is at 42.5 m/g, which I consider to be great, because of how I drive.

"I tried getting the best efficiency I could in mixed city/highway driving. I got about 46 m/g. Everybody who got stuck behind me in traffic must have hated me back in the first quarter of 2010. Then I decided that it was a lot more fun for me, and a lot better for the planet if people who stopped behind me at a traffic light had to go from "Darn it, I am behind a hybrid" to "Wow. What hybrid was that?"

"It is fun to drive" he added.

He's probably right. And it got us thinking.

We'd love to know what gas mileage readers get when they really hammer their hybrids.

Those days when you really need to be somewhere in a hurry, or if you've gone for a drive on a favorite local road. When economy isn't at the forefront of your mind--but you look down at the trip meter at the end of the drive and still think, "Gee... that's actually not bad!"

So leave your comments and experiences below. We want to know which hybrids are most efficient, not when you're deliberately trying to save gas, but when you're not.


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