Hinting at the look of the next Murano, Nissan debuted the Resonance Concept at the North American International Auto Show this week.

Much like the original Murano, the Resonance features striking styling that previews the look of future Nissan vehicles, while taking the crossover concept to new levels of aerodynamics and efficiency.

Under the hood is a 2.5-liter gasoline engine, paired to "one motor, two clutch" proprietary hybrid system. Power is put to the road through all four wheels using an Xtronic CVT continuously-variable transmission.

Behind the concept's five-spoke, 22-inch wheels, regenerative braking energy is harnessed to top up the lithium-ion battery, as with many other hybrids.

As you can see in our live images, the Resonance has a distinctive design, with V-shaped light units front and rear and a large, chrome-lipped grille.

The roof appears to float on glass towards the back of the car, where the traditional C and D pillars seem to disappear. Instead, the side window glass curves seamlessly into the rear light units.

Inside, the Resonance has the sort of clean, modern feel familiar to the Leaf, albeit much more dramatically styled--the center console controls appear to hover science-fiction style in a glass enclosure.

Nissan says the Resonance will appeal to customers whose "fashion and design choices make a statement".

Does it? Leave us your thoughts below--and don't forget to check out our Detroit Auto Show page for more photos and launch details.


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