Android and iPhone users can now find any electric vehicle charging station in the country, thanks to a new app from ChargePoint.

The ChargePoint EV app doesn't just let drivers locate ChargePoint's own stations, but those from other providers, too.

Compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones, the app lets drivers find stations nearby or search for stations near an address, and get directions to the user's station of choice.

The app's map display lets you know whether a station is free or in use, and set up a list of favorite places to charge.

ChargePoint-specific features include the ability to set up an account directly from your phone, start and stop charging sessions, get directions from wherever you are to where your electric car is charging, and get status information on your current or most recent charge.

The app will also let users get real-time notifications of their current charge--another ChargePoint-specific feature for account holders.

Pat Romano, president and CEO of ChargePoint, says the app gives drivers access to more than 10,000 of its stations located around the country, and thousands more from other networks--a feature requested by the company's users.

He describes it as "the easiest way to find any EV charging station anywhere in North America."

The app is available now, free to download from Android and Apple's respective application stores.


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