Olympic sports events leave a lasting impression on the countries they visit.

Not just in terms of athletes, but in the facilities they leave behind. London's 2012 Olympic Games were no different, and several companies are attempting to find a use for the huge Olympic park specially constructed to host the games.

One of those could involve electric cars--a race series, to be precise.

According to businessGreen, former UK Science Minister and now race car builder Lord Drayson, has suggested the Olympic Park could be a venue for the upcoming Formula E series.

Formula E is the touted electric equivalent of Formula One racing, providing electric motorsport with a top level series which can be recognized on a global scale.

The series will place an emphasis on city-based races as those living in urban environments are most likely to be interested in electric vehicles--and naturally, there will be few issues with local pollution. Formula E races would be an hour long, using cars which sprint to 62 mph in only 3 seconds. Future plans involve race circuits with wireless charging facilities embedded in the track surface.

Alongside Rio di Janeiro, Paris, New York, Miami and others, London is one of the main cities being considered for the series.

London's Olympic Park is a likely venue for the series, and has previously even been suggested for a potential London Grand Prix by F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone--himself not a fan of electric cars...

And Formula E would serve a similar purpose to F1, that of accelerating the development of road car technology--specifically, electric road car technology.

London's Olympic park may be empty right now, but when the series starts in 2014, it may be one of the world's more important motor sport venues.


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