Some might say that luxury carmaker Fisker's story is a bit of a thriller itself.

Whether tales of fires and frozen loans will measure up to the new Harrison Ford thriller Paranoia is a different matter, but Fisker's range-extended luxury sedan makes a cameo appearance in the film.

According to USA Today (via Motor Authority), the car is a gift from Ford's character to a young, ambitious employee, played by Liam Hemsworth.

Liam's character is blinded by ambition, susceptible to rewards that may come too easily, and the gifted Karma is one example of that in the film.

Tongue firmly in cheek, we can see parallels being drawn with Fisker itself--huge ambition, but struggling with the negative publicity that ambition has brought the company...

Of course, the Karma is no stranger to TV or celebrity. It's well-known that Leonardo di Caprio and Justin Bieber count themselves among Karma owners, while a Karma also featured as Ashton Kutcher's wheels in sitcom Two And A Half Men.

But will the Karma's new cameo role help sales? Or is that a little ambitious?...


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