On Friday we revealed that Chrysler is introducing a new badging system for its upcoming range of diesel engines, known as EcoDiesel.

Now, the company has filed another trademark with the patent office, known as "HFE High Fuel Efficiency".

Just as the EcoDiesel tag will be used on the marque's clean diesel vehicles, the HFE badge is likely to be applied to any dedicated fuel-sipping vehicles in Chrysler's portfolio.

That, suggests Car and Driver, includes models like the Dodge Dart. The gas-sipping Dart is currently known as Aero, but with portions of Swedish carmaker Saab being sold off at the moment, that may include Saab's rights to the Aero badge. As such, it remains unclear whether HFE will replace the Aero, or sit alongside it.

The new HFE badge would go head-to-head with eco models from other carmakers, including Ford's SFE (Super Fuel Economy)-badged cars, Chevy's Cruze and Malibu Eco, and the HF-badged Honda Civic.

Like those models, you can expect HFE-badged Chrysler models to feature the usual low rolling-resistance tires, aero tweaks and efficient gasoline engines.

It's not clear when the first HFE models will arrive, and Chrysler is not yet commenting on its trademarked logos.


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