It may not be long before electric car owners on America's Pacific coast can drive all the way from Canada to Mexico--using quick-charge stations.

Thanks to Oregon's new 'electric highway', it's now possible to charge an electric car every 25 miles down a 200-mile stretch of Interstate 5.

That, says NBC News, makes it the longest stretch of electric highway in the country.

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It's set to improve even further, as the state has funding for another 35 quick-charge stations. That'll make things pretty easy for the state's current 1,200 electric cars, and means that even if one station is occupied, you won't have to search too long to find another.

The Oregon stations join a long string already in place in California, and a number of level 2 and fast charge stations in Washington, too.

It's all part of a larger plan to create the West Coast Electric Highway--allowing electric vehicle drivers to travel the length of Interstate 5 from Canada through Washington, Oregon and California, right to the Mexican border.

That would make an otherwise time-consuming journey little more difficult than it would be in a regular combustion engined car--and likely encourage a wider market for electric vehicles down the West coast.


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