When we drove the Renault Twizy on the island of Ibiza last month, we asked whether Renault would actually sell any.

A vehicle that's virtually ideal for a sun-drenched island may not work so well in a rainy country like the U.K, or the colder climates of Eastern Europe.

We did find it very much suited to city driving though, and to prove it Renault has taken a lone example to New York, following a brief stop in Los Angeles to film the latest David Guetta video.

What was the point of the Twizy's detour to New York? There wasn't one really, other than to put a dedicated city car in one of the world's most famous cities.

It takes a lot to stand out in the Big Apple, but few vehicles attract attention like the Twizy. In Ibiza it was a head-turner, but in New York it's so different from any other vehicle on the road that people can't help but stop and stare. Dropping it in the middle of Times Square, Soho and Central park--among other Manhattan locations--made the most of the Twizy's incongruity.

Our first test also asked whether the Twizy would go on sale in the U.S. The answer to this question is still "no".

Renault Twizy in New York City. Photos: Renault Official on Flickr

Renault Twizy in New York City. Photos: Renault Official on Flickr

However, Renault drops the rather cryptic line into its blog, "Twizy won’t go on sale in the US (but you just wait and see)". Does this mean some U.S. cities will see limited runs of the Twizy? Or will it go on sale in all but name, perhaps under the Nissan brand?

Time will tell, but we still think that Renault's electric, door-less baby might be more suited to a city without New York's harsh winters--no matter how at home it looks under the lights of Times Square.


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