Today is Friday, which means we, like many other editorial teams around the world, are on the lookout for a fun, lighthearted story to end the week. 

This week, our chosen light-hearted story comes courtesy of the humble pizza delivery scooter. 

Hated in cities worldwide for their annoying, buzzing two-stroke engines and badly-trained, acne-ridden riders, we’ve learned to co-exist with the pizza scooter in exchange for quickly delivered, warm pizza. 

But thanks to some Dutch ingenuity, Domino’s customers in the Netherlands can now have hot, filling pizza delivered on an all-electric scooter that isn’t an assault on the ears when it draws near.

Obviously worried about the risk that a near-silent electric scooter would pose to the many cyclists and pedestrians of its cities, Domino’s Netherlands designed a pedestrian warning system like no other. 

Domino's Human Electric Scooter Pizza Alert System

Domino's Human Electric Scooter Pizza Alert System

Gone are the space-age electric warning sounds you hear on some electric cars, and in their place a recording of a human scooter. 

In other words, someone doing an impression of a traditional scooter, complete with gear-changes and the occasional “Domino’s Pizza!” thrown in for good measure. 

We’re sure this particular warning sound won’t make it into commercial electric scooters, but we have to admit it’s a whole lot more fun than the usual pedestrian warning sounds. 

But watch it wind its way through the streets, and we think you’ll agree with us and the esteemed Rachel Maddow Show: it really is the Best New Thing In The World Today


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