Is noise in cars a good or a bad thing?

We suspect many of our readers would classify it under the latter, and prefer to drive in the serene silence of most hybrids and electric cars.

There are others who think differently though, and for them, technology is here to help.

An app called XLR8 (accelerate... geddit?) from 2XCL Games (via Forbes) has been designed to make any car sound like a Lamborghini, or a Camaro, or one of several other loud, angry performance cars.

Available on Android or iPhone, you hook up your phone to the car's audio system, and uses the phone's in-built accelerometer to determine whether you're speeding up, slowing down or idling--and plays the sporty soundtrack through your car stereo.

You'll need to make sure the phone is securely mounted in the car somewhere to prevent it picking up anomalous movements (we'd quite like to run down the street to see if it works with some headphones...), but other than that you simply choose the car you want to sound like and off you go.

Of course, if supercars and muscle cars aren't your thing, there are other noises out there--spaceship, perhaps? We also had a bit of fun a while back, thinking of seven noises we want to hear coming from electric cars...

Anyway, the XLR8 app costs 99 cents and is available now via the Android store and iTunes.

Don't be tempted to get into any stop-light races though--the app won't change your hybrid's performance...