Over the past few years, we’ve been following with interest the ongoing legal battle between Honda and owners of its 2003-2008 Civic Hybrid. 

The claim? That Honda sold the Civic Hybrid on the basis of a claimed  50 mpg gas mileage that no-one could achieve. 

Now a proposed Californian class-action settlement between Honda and Civic hybrid owners has been given the go-ahead by the San Diego County Superior Court. 

Similar to a settlement negotiated in 2009 for the same reason, each owner is expected to receive between $100 and $200 in damages, plus coupons enabling them to a discount on a new Honda. 

As The LA Times reported last week however, the attorneys responsible for preparing the class-action suit stand to make a massive $8.5 million in profits. 

2006 Honda Civic Hybrid

2006 Honda Civic Hybrid

Earlier this year, Honda Civic Hybrid owner Heather Peters was awarded almost $10,000 in damages after she filed a case against Honda in the Small Claims Court. 

Peters made the decision to take Honda to the Small Claims Court after it became apparent that the class-action settlement would leave her out of pocket.

For Peters, the class-action settlement wasn’t what she had hoped for, especially after a continued campaign to encourage other Honda Civic Hybrid owners to take their grievances to the Small Claims Court.

“I’m terribly disappointed,” she told The LA Times. 

Although the class-action has been settled, don’t expect this to be the last of the Honda Civic Hybrid legal battles. 

2006 Honda Civic Hybrid

2006 Honda Civic Hybrid

Aside from Honda appealing the decision made against it in favor of Peters in the Small Claims Court, many dissatisfied owners have started a new campaign to involve the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

Their claim? 

That Honda’s most recent update to the Civic Hybrid battery management system has left their cars more prone to suffering loss of power when Honda’s battery management system deems the battery has become too hot. 

As a consequence, they argue, this has rendered their cars dangerously slow to pull away at stop lights. 

The battle continues...


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