Mazda has big ambitions for its 2013 CX-5 crossover, which is the first vehicle in the automaker’s catalog to be designed from the ground up using SkyActiv technology.

Weight savings and improvements to the engine and transmission allow the CX-5 to deliver EPA-estimated highway fuel economy of up to 35 mpg and combined fuel economy of up to 29 mpg.

Excluding hybrids, that’s better than any other compact crossover we can name.

Mazda announced pricing on the CX-5 last month, but the automaker has now put up a dedicated CX-5 microsite to answer questions about its newest product.

Shoppers can choose an exterior color, then explore the crossover’s features, including SkyActiv technologies, Bluetooth connectivity and available safety features.

Trim levels can be viewed side by side to see which CX-5 best meets your needs, and an exterior demo highlights the CX-5’s “Soul of Motion” design.

When you’re ready to look at numbers, the site will let you build a CX-5 to your own specific requirements, delivering a zip-code based sticker price without having to fight off hungry car salesmen.

We’ll admit to being fans of Mazda’s new compact crossover, and we even found it relatively entertaining to drive.

That said, we have even bigger expectations for the version of the CX-5 with the SkyActiv diesel, which could make an appearance as early as next year.


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