Drag racing is conventionally noisy. Very, very, very noisy.

And while electric drag racing is slowly getting started--and a number of racers have been rudely surprised by the White Zombie, a 1972 Datsun converted to electric power, and lots of it--you wouldn't think of production electrics like the Nissan Leaf as quarter-mile material.

Which is why Roman Mica's video, above, made us laugh.

Mica is the videographer who created the Prius vs Prius hybrid drag race a couple of years ago, pitting a second-generation 2009 Prius against the newer, more powerful 2010 Prius.

In this one, a 2012 Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric car and a Nissan Leaf battery electric square up and face off in what the announcer calls "brutal combat," without managing to keep his face entirely straight.

Before the acceleration test, both cars are flung around  a parking lot to measure their roadholding. The Leaf scores 0.87 G, the Volt 0.95 G (though we're not sure we agree the Volt has a lower center of gravity than the Leaf, as the video says).

So what happened? Which electric car won?

Well, one car was quicker from 0 to 30 mph, but the other blew past it and captured the 0 to 50 mph title. Watch the video to find out which was which.

Warning: The Fast Laners seem to have the usual mild bias against electric cars, so there are inter-titles during the acceleration footage saying "Some Time Later" and "Some Time Much Later." You can ignore them.

For Chevy lovers, granted, the range-extended electric Volt is no electric Camaro.

But based on the video, we wonder whether we'll see eager Volt and Leaf owners pairing up at stoplights to peel rubber down the road.

Racing for pink slips, anyone?


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