For several months now, Nissan’s luxury brand Infiniti has been teasing us with darkened close-up shots of its first ever plug-in sports car, the Emerg-E.

Due to be unveiled at next month’s Geneva Moto Show, Infiniti has been careful to not release a full picture of the Emerg-E, but now images leaked on the Internet have given us the first proper look at its mid-engined, extended range electric car.

Looking a lot like an Audi R8 on steroids, the Emerg-E has classic supercar good looks, complete with long-sweeping nose, aggressive grille, panoramic glass roof, and huge air vents in front of the rear wheels that hint at its mid-engined heritage.

Inside, what appears to be a hand-stitched grey and black leather interior is accented by blues and purples, while a flying buttress center console and futuristic digital dashboard keep everything within easy reach of the driver.

Beyond that, we know very little about the Emerg-E -- including its final specifications and drive configuration -- but if these images are anything to go by, we think we’re in for a treat when the Emerg-E is officially unveiled in a few weeks’ time. 

In the meantime, enjoy our Infiniti Emerg-E gallery -- and make sure you follow our dedicated Geneva Motor Show page for the latest on this exciting car live from Geneva.


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