Want to get the next generation of drivers thinking green, long before they get behind the wheel?

Buick has come up with an innovative and fun app for Android and iPhone platforms that carefully blends entertainment with education. It bundles three games into one app, called Buick Fuel Efficiency Games.

Players learn about concepts like regenerative braking, aerodynamics and even Buick’s eAssist mild hybrid system, which provides supplemental electric power to boost acceleration without using additional fuel.

“Regeneration Road,” one of the three games included, has players focus on regenerative braking to increase battery charge. The goal of the game is to reach your destination with as much gasoline remaining in the tank as possible.

“Roll and Boost” gives players a simple understanding of how the eAssist mild hybrid system adds power and helps increase fuel economy. Players get a single tank of fuel, and the object of the game is to make that tank last as many miles as possible.

Finally, “Wind Tunnel Tester” puts players in the role of automotive engineer, showing them the benefits and drawbacks of changing automobile shapes and sizes (and modifying aerodynamics).

We’re fans of the 2012 Buick LaCrosse with eAssist mild hybrid, since it offers decent fuel economy, reasonable performance and a competitive price point. It’s unlikely that the Buick Fuel Efficiency Games app will lure many buyers into Buick dealerships, but we doubt that’s the point.

As an educational (but fun) tool, the games just may get the next generation of Buick customer’s thinking about the once stodgy automaker in a new light.

If it educates children (and their parents) about saving fuel, we’re all for it.


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