If you've not already got something planned this Sunday 16th October, why not make it to one of the 20 cities coast to coast that are hosting events for National Plug-In Day?

In what is being described as the largest simultaneous grassroots electric car event in history, thousands of electric vehicle owners will be parading their vehicles at dozens of events across the country.

National Plug-In Day is organized by Plug In America, the Sierra Club and the Electric Auto Association. It aims to draw global attention to the environmental and economic benefits of running an electric car and all manner of vehicles will be out in force, from Nissan Leafs through Tesla Roadsters to home-built specials.

Non EV-owners will still be able to enjoy the events, taking in tailgate parties, test-drives and parades.

Santa Monica will host the flagship event, with "Revenge of the Electric Car" director Chris Paine and many more speaking during the festivities.

A full list of the cities taking part can be found at Plug In America.

If you own - or want to own - an electric car, be there on Sunday!


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