You might feel a little "green around the gills" the following morning, but a night of drinking Bruichladdich whisky from the UK helps to do your bit for green transportation.

Mark Reynier is managing director of the whisky distillery in Scotland, and every day drives to work in his recently acquired 2012 Nissan Leaf.

Bruichladdich does more than just make delectable drinks - it generates its own electricity, too. The power produced is enough to power the entire business, and there's always enough energy going spare to charge Mark's Leaf.

The distillery uses technology that extracts gas from the waste products of whisky production, and this gas is then used to power a generator that produces electricity.

Living on the island of Islay in the remote Hebridean region of Scotland meant local fuel prices were getting too high. "It was frustrating to make such strides in being self-sufficient when my car needed the most expensive diesel in the UK from the mainland, so the arrival of the Leaf has allowed me to be as self-sufficient as possible" Mr Reynier explains.

Now, his eight mile commute along the coast is made in total silence, with the great feeling of knowing that every bottle of whisky sold helps his car go a little further.

We'll drink to that! Slàinte mhath (pronounced "slaancha vaa"), as they say in Scotland.

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