Battle of the Titans it ain't.

But for the third month in a row, Chevrolet sold more Volt range-extended electric cars than Nissan delivered Leaf plug-ins.

During February, Nissan delivered 67 Leaf battery electric hatchbacks, bringing its two-month total to 154.

Adding in the 19 delivered in December since the first one went to Olivier Chaloub, there are now 174 Nissan Leafs quietly humming around the States.

Chevrolet delivered 281 Volts in February, for a 2011 total of 602. It also delivered 326 in December, so right now, Volts outnumber Leafs on the streets of the U.S. by more than five to one.

Nissan LEAFs arrive in the U.K.

Nissan LEAFs arrive in the U.K.

The February results roughly continue the ratio from January, when the Volt outsold the Leaf 321 to 87.

Nissan has admitted that its Leaf deliveries have fallen behind schedule, but attributes the delays to ensuring the quality of the earliest Leaf models remained as high as the company expected.

Higher volumes of the Leaf should start to arrive this spring, although February didn't produce the flood of deliveries that some owners had expected.

The first 2011 Nissan Leaf was delivered in San Francisco on December 12, and the first 2011 Chevrolet Volt followed just three days later in New Jersey.

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