MyFord Mobile App - 2012 Ford Focus Electric

MyFord Mobile App - 2012 Ford Focus Electric

In advance of the official introduction of the 2012 Ford Focus Electric, the automaker has unveiled a new MyFord Mobile app that, Ford says, will be "a key component" in vehicle ownership.

The feature, exclusive to Focus Electric owners in North America, will allow owners of the new EV to monitor vehicle functions—such as range and proximity to charging stations—from virtually anywhere.

And of note for especially frugal EV owners, a value charging feature that's powered by Microsoft allows owners to cut electric costs by taking advantage of off-peak or reduced rates from their public utility.

The MyFord Mobile system will work either via a smartphone app or via a secure website, providing state of charge or charging status on any platform. Alerts, related to vehicle charging, can also be set up.

When you're not driving, Ford says that a smartphone, with data plan and MyFord Mobile app, can be used to perform more advanced functions like program vehicle charging, locating charging stations, creating multi-stop journeys considering driving range, or finding the vehicle.

Through the app, you'll also be able to heat and cool the vehicle when plugged in. remotely lock or unlock, or download performance data (using terms like 'zen' and 'zippy').

MyFord Mobile takes advantage of a wireless module that's integrated into the Focus Electric and uses cellular technology. Information from the module is sent to a cloud-based secure server, which provides the data and connectivity to apps or web applications. Apps will be available for Blackberry, Android, and iPhone.