You really do have to chuckle at the amount of communication one can have in this era. The irony is that it might all be with the aid of a computer of some shape or form. Ford has really tapped into this concept of social media, as we mentioned in our earlier article today about their rebate announcement. However, not all of the social media is just about selling the cars. Okay, okay, I knew I wouldn’t get away with that. Yes, all the social media in some form is trying to create a sense of community and need for those with or looking to own a car in any segment that Ford sells in. That said some of the social media pushes are more interactive than others, which brings me to The Fiesta World Tour: Photo Contest on Facebook.

It is my experience that you either love or hate Facebook. The haters have said something about all those people from high school finding them on there…but never mind that. For those that have embraced the Facebook era and a Ford Fiesta, there is a contest for you! The Fiesta World Tour: Photo Contest official rules state:

Simply submit a photo of you with your Ford Fiesta – or your friends with your Fiesta. Even your cat with your Fiesta is eligible. It can be simple or as unique as you’d like. Be creative! Then, vote for your favorite photos. The most popular photos will become a part of our “Fiesta: The Road to One Million” collage that we’ll post right here on Facebook!

Appropriate images only, please. Inappropriate images will be removed.


You and your Fiesta could become famous on Facebook and live on in the digital world forever. That would show those people you picked on you in high school.


[Source: Ford via Facebook]