Nation-E Angel Car electric HUMMER H1

Nation-E Angel Car electric HUMMER H1

The HUMMER H1 is often the vehicle people picture first when they think of the most environmentally unfriendly thing on four wheels.

So what better vehicle to demonstrate the diversity and flexibility of the electric car revolution than one of its main antagonists?

That’s exactly what the people at Nation-E have set out to accomplish, announcing plans for an all-electric HUMMER H1 mobile charging station.

Dubbed the Angel Car, the special H1 is equipped with a 60-kilowatt battery, according to the company's website. (We wonder if they mean 60-kilowatt-hour?)

It provides electricity not only to stranded vehicles, but to complete buildings, hospitals, construction sites, and units that urgently require electricity.

The zero-emissions vehicle was primarily developed to assist in areas hit by extraordinary circumstances like earthquakes or tornadoes, and its creator, Nation-E, is now working closely with governments all around the world to help establish supply contracts.

The company earlier announced its Angel Car, a similar but smaller vehicle that would run up and down highways, helping stranded electric vehicle owners ‘fill their tanks’ in the same way AAA does now for drivers of conventional cars who run out of gas.

If you’re interested, or just happen to be in the area, Nation-E will be showcasing the HUMMER H1 Angel Car from October 19 to 21 at the E-Car-Tec exhibition in Munich, Germany.